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These PowerPoint presentations contain some of the most powerful tools and concepts in the quality field. The presentations below may be excellent materials to be used in training meetings or other teaching opportunities.

Please Note: These documents were developed in MS PowerPoint and download best when MS Internet Explorer is used. If you experience trouble in downloading any of the below documents, please click here to review our Frequently Asked Questions page.

American Society for Quality
ANSI (2)
BS 7799
Company Values
Core Competencies
Core IN-Competencies
Corporate Strategy
CPSC (2)
CPSC (3)
Deming Prize
Deming Prize (2)
IIE Award for Excellence
Institute for Supply Management
ISO 9000
ISO 9000 (2)
ISO 9000-2000
ISO 9000-2000 Audits
ISO 9000-2008 Auditing
Japan Quality Award (JQA)
Key Business Factors
Malcolm Baldrige Award
Malcolm Baldrige Award (2)new
Malcolm Baldrige Award: Category 1
Malcolm Baldrige Award: Category 5
Malcolm Baldrige Award for Education
Malcolm Baldrige Award for Health Care
Malcolm Balrdige Award for Nonprofit
Mission Statements
President's Award for Quality
President's Award for Quality (2)
Performance Benchmarking
QS 9000
TL 9000
TS 16949
Quality Tools/Approaches
Activity-Based Costing
Activity Network Diagram
Adjusted Exponential Smoothing
Adjusted Exponential Smoothing (2) 
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Analytical Hierarchy Process
Balanced Scorecards
Brainstorming Basics
Basic 7 Tools of Quality
Basic 7 Tools of Quality (2)
Block Diagramming
Capability Maturity Models
Cash Flow Analysis
Cash Flow Analysis (2) 
Closed-Loop Corrective Action
Contingency Approach
Crosby's 14 Steps
Decision Support System
Defining Company Vision
Direct and Indirect Costs
Dual Sourcing
Fishbone Diagrams
Gantt Charts
Hub & Spoke
Hub & Spoke (2)new
Jidoka 2
Juran's Trilogy
Layout Planning for Functional Layouts
Mapping Supply Chains
Matrix Diagram
Multiple Linear Regression
New Seven Tools
Operations Strategy
Preventive Maintenance
Process Maps
Quality in the Purchasing Process
Quality Is Free (Crosby)
Reengineering (2)
Reengineering (3)
Simple Linear Regression
Six Sigma
Six Sigma Define Phase
Six Sigma Example: Healthcare
Six Sigma Organization
Spider Charts
Spider Charts (2)
Strategic Quality Planning
Supplier Development
Supplier Performance Measurementnew
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Selection
Supplier Selection (2)
Total Cost Analysis
The Learning Curve
Value Added Activities
Why Reengineering Fails So Often
Human Resources - Training & Development
360 Degree Evaluation
Achieving Worker Flexibility
Change Management
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution (2)
Contingency Planning in Business
Computer Based Training
Computer Based Training (2)
Core Competencies
Customer Service
Focus-group Facilitation
Hawthorne Studies
Hawthorne Studies (2)
Job Analysis
Job Analysis (2)
Meeting Management
Measuring Employee Performance
Nominal Group Technique
On the Job Training
Quality Circles
Pay for Learning
Saving Struggling Teams
Situational Leadership
Training Assessment
Achieving Changeover Flexibility
Agile Manufacturing
Backward Scheduling
Bar Coding
Bar Coding (2)
Bill of Materials
Capacity Requirements Planning
Capacity Requirements Planning (2)
Capital Equipment Planning
Cellular Manufacturing
Chase Aggregate Planning
Computer Assisted Manufacturing
Concurrent Engineering
Cycle Counting
Decomposition Method of Forecasting
Design For Disassembly
Economic Order Quantity
EOQ With Quantity Discounts
Fixed Time-Period Inventory Systems
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Flexible Manufacturing Systems (2)
Fuzzy Logic
Global Supply Chain Management
Global Supply Chain Management (2)
Green Manufacturing
Green Manufacturing (2)
Group Technology
Group Technology (2)
JIT Purchasing
JIT Manufacturing
Juran Institute
Juran Institute (2)new
Linear Program - Shipping Model
Master Production Scheduling
Master Production Scheduling (2)
Material Requirements Planning
Measuring Capacity
Modes of Transportation in Supply Chains
Modes of Transportation in Supply Chains (2)
Optimized Production Technology
Process Choice
Puchasing Process
Single Sourcing
Supply Base Reductionnew
Target Costing
Time/Motion Studies
Transportation and Warehouse Management Systems
Transportation Method of LPnew
Product & Process Design
Break-even Analysis
Computer Aided Design
Computer Aided Engineering
Continuous review inventory systemsnew
Design Control
Design for Disassembly
Design for Environment
Design for Manufacturability
Design for Reuse
Fault Tree Analysis
Interference Checking
Job Design
Job Design (2)
Mass Customization
New Product Cycle Time Reduction
Plackett-Burman Experiments
Prototyping (2)
Quality Function Deployment
Queueing Theorynew
Queueing Theory Models
Rapid Life Testing
Taguchi Method
Taguchi Quality Loss Function
Time and Motion Studies
Service Quality
After Sale Support
Automotive Industry Action Group
Center of Gravity Method
Complaint Recovery Process
Complaint Recovery Process (2)
Consolidation Warehousing
Consolidation Warehousing (2)
Customer Benefit Packages
Customer Benefit Packages (2)
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customer Service in India
Customer Service on the Web
Customer Relationship Mgmt (CRM)
Five S's
GAP Analysis
GAP Analysis (2)
Global Positioning Systems
MBNQA Servicenew
Modes of Transportation
Passive Data Gathering
Quality in Government
Statistical Quality Control
Acceptance Sampling
Acceptance Sampling (2)
Advanced Process Control
Check Sheet Application
Consumer/Producer Risk
Control Charts
Deseasonalizing Forecasts
Forecasting Tracking Signals
Identifying Preferred Suppliers
Kruskal-Wallis Test
Life Testing
Measurement System Analysis
OC Curves
Process Capability
Process Capability (2)
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